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Introduction - Who we are

Domains are the most valuable real estate on the web and just like in the physical world; there are many ways to develop your property. The question is, which is the smartest way to earn revenue with the minimum amount of work?

Many domain owners have found pay per click (PPC) parking to be the most effective and hassle free.

Fabulous - Developed for Us, Accessible to You

Fabulous specializes in generating revenue through pay per click (PPC) links from the traffic your domains receive.

We are so confident in this method that Fabulous monetizes the traffic from its own domain portfolio in this way.

Signing up with us gives you access to our exclusive and established partnerships with PPC providers and comprehensive management tools originally created for our in-house domain portfolio.

How we do it

Fabulous applies revenue producing contextual links to your domains. Using our unique phrase breaking technology we categorize your domain and provide relevant content and images for maximum click through rates.

Through relationships with quality PPC providers, Fabulous are able to pass on premium revenue sharing percentages to our partners.

Domain Management

While we offer comprehensive account management services, you also have an unprecedented level of control over your portfolio using our unique set of domain management tools.

When you add domains to your Monetization account, at your request we will phrase break, categorize and optimize your domain names to ensure that the most relevant content is served.

Using the Domain Manager (DM) Center you can control the content that is displayed, pop-up windows and select from the revenue options of PPC or CPA deals.

The Fabulous Premium Program is our latest PPC revenue share initiative. Premium Program PPC Results are geo-targeted, resulting in higher click through rates and higher quality traffic. To get the best performance out of your domain names on the Premium Program we recommend you consult with your account manager to make sure your domain names are set up optimally.


Fabulous payments are made on the 10th of each month, for revenue earned during the previous calendar month. For example, if your domains earn revenue in June, you will be credited your share of the revenue on or before July 10.

By default your revenue payment is automatically deposited in to your Fabulous domain registration account. This allows you to transfer/ renew and purchase domains.

If you would prefer to have your revenue share payment sent to you each month we have several easy to use deposit options, including wire transfer, PayPal and cheque.

New Account Criteria

We service some of the most profitable domain owners online and strive to keep our Fabulous customers more than satisfied. To be eligible for a Fabulous Premium account you must meet either of the following requirements:

  • Domain portfolio must generate US$750; per month
  • Transfer 750; domains to Fabulous

We are primarily interested in serving portfolios that consist predominantly of English language .com domains which receive type-in/direct navigation traffic.

If you would like a Fabulous.com account, please send a sample of your portfolio with revenue statistics to support@fabulous.com